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What do we offer to our clients? Outstanding training, event and consultancy support..

Open training
Trainings with the possibility of individual enrollment. Open groups.
Dedicated trainings
Tailor-made trainings, preceded by an in-depth analysis of client's needs.
Online training
Remote training using interactive and professional tools.
Substantive consultation
Individual substantive support from experts in more than a dozen fields and industries.
Training events
Conferences and meetings of great scope and stature.
Support in the process of obtaining grants.

The uniqueness of Eurofinance Training lies in its experience and versatility.

20 years of experience
Original training programs
Large database of experts
Availability in Poland and worldwide
20 years of experience

For more than 20 years we have been improving the competence of
business employees, institutions and individuals.

In each year of our activity, we carry out over a hundred projects dedicated to companies and institutions.
With the trust of our partners and continuous work on improving the quality of our services, we constantly adapt to new trends and market demand.

Original training programs

Original training programs
Our trainers and coaches
are continually developing their
workshop to suit the needs of the clients.

The effectiveness of our training is a result of working with experts who are active practitioners in their fields. This increases training potential, but also facilitates agile customization with the program.

Large database of experts

We are still looking for new
trainers and practitioners,
making sure that our base is
diverse and versatile.

Very often our projects are handled by a team of people, providing versatility and variety of activities. This allows participants to see different viewpoints and learn from the experience of many experts.

Availability in Poland and worldwide

We carry out projects of international range.

With our large expert base and facilities, we are able to respond to market needs where they arise.

If you’re looking for a proven company that knows how to build the skills of your employees… then you’ve come to the right place.